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My name is Tamara and I'm an elementary music teacher in Raleigh, NC. I call you friends because that's what you are when you're here. My hope with this blog is to create a safe place to share ideas and experiences, to build a community of educators eager to help and learn from each other! I encourage you to look around and participate by asking questions and commenting on posts that resonate with you. Also, be sure to check out my "favorites" page to find like-minded educators who believe that #teachershelpteachers!

Tamara the teacher and musician...

I was born into a musical family, so my music education began almost as soon as I was born. From elementary school through high school I was involved in band where I played flute and oboe and, later, bari sax. I was also in choir both at school and church and took private piano and voice lessons.

Despite my musical upbringing, I had never considered pursuing music or education as a career. In fact, from the age of seven I wanted to be an archeologist! It wasn't until attending a summer school for the choral arts that I realized music is something I could not live without and the rest is history.

In 2009 I graduate from Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ with a Bachelor of Music in Music Education and Voice. In 2010 I started teaching K-2 music at a charter school in Raleigh, NC. After four years I took a leap of faith and accepted a job teaching K-6 music at a brand new STEAM charter school. It has been a wild but amazing journey working at a new school and I love that I get to build my program from the foundation! On the side I also teach piano lessons and lead an extracurricular choir for 4th and 5th graders.

Tamara the rest of the time...

Although I now live in North Carolina, I'm a Binghamton, NY native and Yankee at heart. I'm pretty sure I'm the only northern transplant in the south who actually misses snow. Seriously. After experiencing the humidity here I want to move to Alaska.

In 2014 I married my husband, David, who is a high school English teacher, straight-up history nerd, and the silliest person I've ever met. We have no human babies (yet) but we do have two kitty cat fur babies. Isabelle is queen of the castle and hasn't yet learned that we will, in fact, feed her every night. Valentino is a true gentleman and the biggest snuggle bug I've ever known. I love them dearly and spend way too much time talking about them.

When I'm not teaching I enjoy playing The Sims, riding my bike, and coloring. (For the recorder, I colored as a hobby long before the current trend of adult coloring books. haha) I also love watching TV shows of epic proportions such as Game of Thrones, Black Sails, Vikings, and American Horror Story.

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