The Importance of Reflection (and a FREEBIE!)

Friday, June 3, 2016

The importance of reflecting upon your school year!

Today is my last day of school. ALLELUIA!

We all know the end of the school year is a rough time for teachers. You're exhausted, the kids are keeping you on your toes more than ever, and for many music teachers it means final performances and productions. When the bell rings on that last day of school you're ready to close your classroom door and not think about it for two months. You are 100% checked out, but before you pull on your bathing suit and camp out at the pool for the summer, it's a good idea to sit down and reflect on the school year.'re crazy.  

Of course the last thing you want to do after the last day of school is think about school, but self-reflection is one of the most important things you can do to improve your teaching. I've come up with some questions I like to use for my own reflection, although what you reflect upon is ultimately up to you. This is your chance to make note of that movement activity you will never, ever do again or the activity you did that helped your students finally get it while it's still fresh in your memory.

So get out your favorite note-taking tool or print out the downloadable freebie at the bottom of this post and brain dump your thoughts before they disappear. When you're done, tuck it away and don't think about it again until you're ready to start preparing for the next year.

Some questions to get you started...

 General questions to reflect on your teaching. Be honest and write whatever comes to mind, flattering or not. Remember, this is just for you.
  1. What are my three greatest strengths?
  2. What three areas can I improve in the most?
  3. Are there any comments on my evaluations that I should take into consideration?
  4. What are some new things I learned that I would like to try? (from professional development, workshops, courses, etc.)
Answer these questions for each grade level, class, or ensemble you teach.
  1. What concepts did I teach?
  2. What do I wish I taught?
  3. What kind of growth did I see?
  4. What was my favorite lesson or activity? Why?
  5. What was my least favorite lesson or activity? Why?
  6. I spent to much time on...
  7. I didn't spend enough time on...
  8. Additional thoughts... 


Blank printable worksheet
Fillable PDF version (type your answers directly into the document then save or print)

Join the reflection a part of your yearly routine? What do you ask yourself at the end of the year? Comment below!

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