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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Happy Wednesday All!

First off, I want to apologize for not writing since January! I was dealing with some unexpected health issues that were taking time away from blogging and creating products for TpT, but things are finally starting to turn around and get back on track!


Today I'm linking up with Jen of Noteworthy by Jen to share some amazing FREE products from sellers on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I love freebies because they're a great way to test out products from sellers to get an idea of what they have to offer.  Plus, did I mention they're FREE?

Below you'll find my 5 favorites. Click each picture to visit the product page and don't forget to click the linky party icon above to find more freebies shared by other bloggers!

1) Staff Paper Printables from Lindsay Jervis

{FREEBIE} Staff Paper Printables

No explanation needed - they are what they say! Cute staff printables. I use them all the time.

2) Pinterest Guide for Music Educators from Elementary Etudes

I love tutorials, especially ones that help me optimize the resources available to me. This is a great intro explaining what Pinterest is, the basics of pinning, and how it can be helpful for teachers. Perfect for new users!

3) Perfect Audience Poster by Jena Hudson at Sew Much Music

I don't know about you, but I am constantly emphasizing the importance of "good audience manners". I encourage students to be respectful observers and listeners not just at a concert, but also in class when others are singing, speaking, or playing and while listening to music or watching a video example. This is an awesome visual to reinforce these expectations without having to stop and tell the class again. I can very quickly and quietly point to the expectation that is not being met and students are redirected without a big disruption. A big thank you to Jena for sharing!

4) Fun Choir Warm-ups for Modern Kids by Enthusiastic Music

Fun Choir Warm-Ups for Modern Kids (4th-7th)

This is my first year teaching middle school choir and most of the warm-ups that I remember are from my college days and not quite suitable for younger voices, so I went on the search for some fun warm-ups and stumbled upon this! These silly exercises are a blast (and a challenge!) for my students and a huge hit.  MP3 examples of each warm-up are also available as a free download through her store. 

5) iPads in the Music Classroom - Tips and Tricks by Music & Technology

iPads in the Music Classroom- Tips & Tricks

I told you I love tutorials! Technology in the classroom can sometimes be a tricky thing when it comes to organizing, managing, and just knowing how to use it!  This is an amazingly comprehensive tutorial with links to a TON of apps and explanations on how to use them.  Also included are some tricks for projecting from your iPad and links to FREE posters to help with classroom management.

I know it's suppose to be 5 favorite freebies, but here's a bonus (and a shameless plug

In my store you can find Messenger: A Game to Practice Ta & TiTi. This is a classic circle game (instructions included) that the kids love and the rhythm cards can double as flashcards. The game provides a great opportunity for individual formative assessments and the extra worksheets and activities I've included work well as assessments, practice, and center activities.  Enjoy!  (If you like this, check out my Ta Rest, So-Mi, and La versions)

I hope these freebies are helpful and provide some inspiration and ideas! Good luck as you wrap-up the school year! Don't forget to click the linky party icon at the top of this post to find more freebies!


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