Thoughts From A New TPT Seller, New Product, and FREEBIE!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Since I discovered Teachers Pay Teachers about a year and a half ago, I had always thought about creating my own products.  Being the perfectionist that I am, I was always afraid to begin.  Would my stuff be good enough?  Would I have the time to create products that live up to my standards?  Would it all be too stressful?  About a month ago I decided to stop thinking about it and just DO IT!  Since posting my first products I cannot tell you how astonished I am at the support and enthusiasm of the TPT community!  I'm not saying this to be bragging but rather out of amazement at the amazing people in the education community!  More than teachers paying teachers, we are teachers helping teachers and it is a beautiful thing.

To celebrate I have two special announcements!  First of all, a new product!  I've just uploaded No Robbers.  This is a great song and game for ta-titi and so-mi.  Not only are there 70 pages of prepare/present slides, but an additional 24 pages of activities and worksheets to practice rhythm, melody, and writing on the staff.  Click the picture to visit my store and download a full preview!

Second announcement...FREEBIE!!!  In celebration of everyone being so awesome I've created a freebie!  This is just a sneak peak of some fun products I am working on for the new year.  Here's a little clue of what's to come: "New Year, New Room!"  I'm so excited!

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